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Jeff D.

When my mother fell ill in April 2016, she was discharged from the St. Catharines Hospital on a Friday. Though she was happy to be going home, we had a big problem: it would be impossible for her to get up the stairs to reach her bedroom and the washroom.

I called Bill at Silver Cross, and he was awesome. He ordered a Savaria K2 Stairlift from the supplier and drove all the way to Brampton on Friday afternoon to pick it up. Then he came to my mother’s house on Friday evening—above and beyond the call of duty—to install the lift so that my mother would not be stranded on the main floor for the weekend. Huge thanks from our whole family to Silver Cross and to Bill for their awesome service!

Ed P

The representative did a fine job. As soon as we can arrange for payment, we plan to purchase a wheelchair lift from them. In fact, the price they quoted for a new one was very reasonable.Thanks for you help.

Harry S.

Let me update you. Not only did your local affiliate call, but the local elevator company came out with tremendous information for me. I even talked to him about buying two elevators though I probably will have to decide on just one. It couldn’t have been better all the way around. Thanks for the help.

Heather Z.

I received information in a matter of days. She was very nice and especially helpful. She discussed all my options, what she thought would best serve my needs and also about their buy back program. She wanted to make sure I got the best product for my needs. I am very pleased and your help has made a very stressful situation so much easier. THANK YOU!!!

Isabel L.

I requested information from your organization regarding stair lifts. I was contacted that day and my father and I had two conversations with Ernie. My father purchased the stair lifts and it was installed on Monday. Thank you for your prompt response

P. Clement

The affiliate responded very quickly to my request for information on a lift. I have spoken to them on several occasions about my needs. They have been very helpful with information. A rep is scheduled to visit my home to assess the type of lift that might work for me. I have recommended your website to several other people that have similar needs. Thank you for the follow-up e-mail, it is greatly appreciated.

Mona M.

Thank you so much for your follow up with me. I did indeed receive information from your local affiliate in PA. They enclosed information and brochures, also enclosed a map of how to find them, or they would come to us. I certainly appreciate your help in this matter. The service you provide is the best. We can’t thank you enough.

Ken & Betty O.

Thank you for your prompt response to our original query. Your agent, John Roseborough, came up from London at 4 PM on Tuesday following his prior talk with me. He was most obliging, personable and he presented the options and alternatives (equipment, pricing, and install dates) after measuring the stairways, the length needed etc. We were very satisfied with John’s concern, his handling of our request and his entire client orientated rapport. Thank you for your interest and assistance.

Karen M.

My father has spoken to your representative in Norfolk. She went above and beyond to get in touch with us. My father will be coordinating a time to meet her at his house to determine the specific need for a lift. Thank you so much for the follow up, and the service you provide folks like my parents.

Jay H.

Thank you very much for your response and professionalism. Your affiliate was very prompt and helpful. He presented various options and make recommendations that were helpful. God bless this service for I can see now how much it helps people who are in dire circumstances with decisions which are difficult to make. Thank you again.

Susan S. OTR

I want to thank you for terrific and very prompt service from your affiliate in Waynesboro VA. They visited my home of my client. I am so glad that I discovered your web site and I plan to share the information and the process with my coworkers. I have book marked you site and do plan to use it again for future needs. Thank you again for the excellent service.

Joseph R

I was very pleased with the response to my request for a hospital bed. Your local affiliate contacted my the same day and I purchased a bed from them. They were timely in delivering the bed and setting it up in my home.

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