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Founded in 1993 when the Internet was just starting to become important in day-to-day life, Silver Cross built its roots as relationship company. It built partnerships with experienced dealers and installers of stair lifts, elevators and other mobility equipment in order to bridge the gap between the prospective customer and a pre-qualified, knowledgeable local dealer.

Silver Cross built its first website by gathering all the manufacturer information in one place, by comparing information and building a knowledge base of resources to help consumers educate themselves about what is available and what might fit their needs.

Mobility and accessibility products resource and installer network

Unlike some other products, mobility products are not just about the features: they must fit a client’s health needs and perhaps the client’s home. There is a lot to consider in the decision process, and the investment can be significant. But the right investment can bring amazing independence and freedom!

Silver Cross is always looking for the latest information, the best dealers for its network, and the best ways to present this to the millions of people who are looking for all kinds of mobility aids every day. We have proudly served hundreds of thousands of people by matching their needs to the right information and to their local experts. We would be very pleased to help you today.

Silver Cross is a proud partner of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT). 

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