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Compare Inclined Platform Lifts

Inclined platform lifts travel over the stairs on a rail affixed to the stairs and the wall. The platform allows a person in a wheelchair or using a mobility device to easily access the lift. Some models may also feature a fold out seat for those not in wheelchairs. Here are three popular inclined platform lifts for straight staircases.

Top 3 Inclined Platform Lifts Comparison Chart

SAVARIA DELTAGaraventa X3Atlas Titan
Capacity550/660 lb550 lb550 lb
Platform sizes26.5″ X 36″, 30.5″ X 49.25, and custom sizes27.5″ X 29.5″ to 31.5″ X 48″28″-30″ X 38″-44″
Entrance/exitstraight through or 90straight through or 90straight through or 90
Folds upyesyesyes
Drive systemrack and pinionrack and pinionsprocket & chain
Finishlight grey platform and railssatin grey/champagne railsoff-white
Parts warranty3 yr2 yr1 yr
Commercial optionyesyesyes
Outdoor use?yes, depending on climate, consult dealeryes, depending on climate, consult dealerunpublished
Notablehigh capacitya variety of other optionsN/A
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