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Wheelchair Lift Tips

5 things to know about wheelchair lifts

1. Vertical or inclined?Wheelchair Lift | Vertical Inclined | Silver Cross | How to Choose a Wheelchair Lift

Inclined platform lifts are usually installed when you cannot install a vertical lift. Overcoming stairs can only be done by traveling over them.

Vertical platform lifts require additional space to travel up and down and may require a hoist-way, a pit or concrete pad to secure the lift.

2. Home or commercial?

Anything other than a private home will require a commercial/public lift. Public lifts have different codes and requirements. Places of worship, group homes and schools require commercial lifts.

3. Inside or outside?

Multilift Top Landing Gate Savaria | Silvercross

A deck lift should include a solid gate
at the top landing.

Vertical platform lifts are often installed outside to provide access from a driveway or ground level to a door that opens to the interior or near an interior accessible entrance. For outside use, be sure to choose a unit made to withstand harsh weather, and be sure to maintain your lift according to the owner’s guide.

4. Consider your site

Installing a wheelchair lift to access a porch from the ground level will also require a proper, safe gate at the top landing. Site preparation and finishing is a critical to a safe and long-lasting product installation. Choose a specialized and trained wheelchair lift dealer for your project.

5. Choose a reputable brand

Wheelchair lifts should comply with specific code set by industry associations, so be sure to choose a recognized brand name. Companies with a long history also make lifts for long-term durability and reliability. A product that does not work is more than just inconvenient. See the wheelchair lift comparison chart.