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What is an Inclined Platform Lift

Straight and curved inclined platform lifts

Inclined Platform Lifts | Silver Cross

Inclined platform lift with fold up ramps and safety arms.

An inclined platform lift moves along the angle of the stairs to carry a person in a wheelchair up a staircase, or even on a fold out seat on the platform, if equipped. Inclined platform lifts can be used in a home or in a commercial setting, and are usually installed when access is needed for people using a wheelchair or a mobility device (such as a scooter or rollator).

Inclined platform lifts usually fold up so that the stairs are accessible when the unit is not in use. Safety features include fold up ramps and safety arms to keep the user from rolling off the platform while boarding or riding.

If the lift is needed for a single straight flight of stairs, it will ride along the path of the stairs in a straight line stopping at the top and at the bottom.

Delta Omega Wheelchair Lift Inclined Savaria | Silver CrossIf the lift is needed for more than one flight, or the stairs feature an intermediate landing or are curved, then the device must feature rail that bends to match the angle of the stairs. Known as a curved inclined platform lift, this lift can also be parked away from the top and/or bottom of the stairs giving completely free access to the stairs when the unit is not in use.

It is important to review the space available on and around your stairs at the top and bottom landings when considering an inclined platform lift. The user must be able to maneuver to get on and off using the wheelchair. Silver Cross can help you find pre-qualified dealers nearby, who will measure your stairs and the landings, and then prepare a drawing to ensure that the lift is appropriate for your space.