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FAQs for Inclined Platform Lifts

1. How does an inclined platform operate?

The lift will unfold and the entrance access ramp  will deploy using the pendant controls. After the passenger is securely on the platform, the pendant control is used to pull up the entrance ramp and bring down the safety arms. Constant pressure controls move the lift which will stop automatically at the top landing. The safety arms raise and the exit ramp deploys. The lift can then be folded again.

2. When is an inclined lift used?

Inclined lifts are used to travel over stairs and where there is no space to use a vertical lift or elevator. An inclined lift folds up against the wall creating “access on demand”.

3. What if I have a landing or curve in my stairs?

There are curved inclined platform lifts available for stairs that feature an intermediate landing, a change in direction or are curved.

4. How much does a inclined platform lift cost?

A straight inclined platform lift will cost upwards of $12,000 and can cost $20,000 depending on the size of the unit and configuration. A curved inclined platform will cost more because the rail will be custom fabricated.

Inclined platform lift installation with a curved railing
The wheelchair user can operate the lift with a hand pendant control.
Delta Omega Wheelchair Lift Inclined Savaria | Silver Cross
Inclined platform lifts can be curved or straight depending on the stairs.

5. Does an inclined platform lift have a seat?

Yes, some inclined platform lifts include a seat that folds out. This allows a person to use the lift even if they do not require a wheelchair, but have a mobility aid such as a cane or walker.

6. Can an inclined platform lift be used outdoors?

If you live in a moderate climate, without extreme cold, it may be possible to have an inclined platform lift installed outside. Additional maintenance is usually required for outdoor lifts.

7. How much space do I need for an inclined platform lift?

Minimum width of stairs: 38″ 
Bottom landing space: 10 feet

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