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Stair Lift Installation and Service

Things to consider for installing and servicing a stair lift

How long does installation take?

Most straight stair lift installations take only a few hours, and curved stair lifts can be installed in a day.

How much space is needed?

Stair Lift Installation & Service | Measuring Illustration by Silver Cross

Stairway measurement for a stair lift

The size of the stair lift will vary from brand to brand. A general rule of thumb is that the stairway needs to be at least 30″ wide, and there must be at least 24″ of landing space at the base of the stairs.

Can I install it myself?

It is possible to buy a straight stair lift as a do-it-yourself installation, but like many DIY projects, it is important to know what is involved before you choose this option.

You may need to hire an electrician to ensure power is available where you need it. You will also need the manpower to lift the rail, chair, and chassis, and you will need to carefully follow installation instructions including proper and safe securement to the stairs. Also, bear in mind that if you install the unit yourself, it may be difficult to find a dealer willing to service it should something go wrong. Many manufacturers may also void your warranty if you do not have it installed by an authorized dealer.

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Can I install a stair lift in a church?

You can install a stair lift in a church or any public building as long as the product is rated for public use and you follow the local code requirements for public installations.

Servicing your stair lift

Stair lifts are mechanical devices and may require service from time to time to keep them running properly. Budget $100–$200 for annual maintenance. The owner’s manual should include a schedule to follow.

The batteries will need replacement from time to time. Since they are specialized batteries in most cases, you will need to have them replaced by your dealer who originally installed the equipment.

One of the most common service calls occurs when the unit is not being charged properly. Make sure to park the stair lift fully into the charging station that may be located at the top and at the bottom landing.

Some stair lifts come with additional power features, such as a power folding footrest or a power seat swivel. These extra-cost features can be handy, but they add complexity to the ongoing service of your product.

Stair lift maintenance

Some dealers offer simple maintenance programs for which you can pay an annual fee to have your lift serviced at regular intervals. These programs may also include 24-hour emergency service when needed. Ask your local dealer about service.