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FAQs for Curved Stair Lifts

1. How much does a curved stair lift cost?

The starting price for a curved stair lift is usually $9500 including the installation.  Because the travel rail is custom fabricated for your stair case, a curved stair lift costs more than a straight stairlift. The more complex your staircase, the higher the cost for the lift.

2. On what staircases can a curved stairlift work?

A curved stair lift can usually be accommodated on any staircase. Here are some example staircases:

Straight staircase with a mid-level landing

Diagram of straight staircase with top parking overrun

Straight staircase with top parking overrun

Diagram of straight staircase with bottom parking overrun

Straight staircase with bottom parking overrun

Staircase with a change in direction

Diagram of staircase with 180 degree turn

Staircase with 180 degree turn

Spiral or curved staircase with pie shaped stairs

3. On what side of the stairs can the curved stair lift be installed?

A curved stair lift can be installed on either side in most cases, but there is usually one side that will work better for the installation and use. For a curved stair lift, this is called an outside curve or an inside curve.

Outside curved stair lift
Outside curve
Inside curved stair lift
Inside curve

4. What about curved stair lifts that are pieced together, not custom fabricated?

There are stair lifts that can be assembled from standard pieces to create turns. Reviews for these lifts are mixed due to instances where they do not fit the stair case as well. Most people choose custom fabrication for the best fit to the staircase.

5. How do I know what the curved stair lift will look like on my stairs?

Most manufacturers will perform a photo measurement survey of your stairs in order to precisely fabricate the travel rail.  Some days later, an engineering drawing is created of your stairs with the lift shown on the stairs so you can see generally how it will fit your stairs. One system, from Handicare allows you to see this more realistically on your exact stairs and can be shown to you while at your home.

A representative showing how the stair lift would on stair through computer screen
This state-of-the art Handicare system uses photos of your actual staircase to gather precise measurements.
Photo rendering of what a curved stairlift would look like on your stairs
The Handicare photo measuring system shows you what the stair lift will look like on your stairs, before you order it.

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