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5 Tips to Choose the Best Stair Lift

1. Start with Your Condition

Icons of different user conditions

The stair lift user needs to be able bodied enough to get on and off the stair lift. It’s okay to have use of a simple aid like a cane, but if you’re already in a wheelchair, a stair lift is not the best option and you are better off to look at a wheelchair lift or elevator is possible. 

2. Straight or Curved

A straight stair lift works best for a single flight of stairs without any intermediate landings. Choose a curved stair lift for all other types of stairs.

Stairlift Chair Curved Straight Savaria | Silver Cross

3. Choose a Good Dealer

A stair lift is not a do-it-yourself project, you’ll need an experienced installer. Silver Cross has a database of pre-qualified installers in North America, so you can start with us to see if we have one close to your home. Otherwise, getting a referral from a friend who had a great experience can also be a good way to find a reputable dealer. You’ll want to make sure the dealer can also service your lift should you ever have a problem.

4. Bells & Whistles

A stair lift can be basic, or it can include a variety of options with added cost. These upgrades can be very handy depending on your stairs, or your physical condition. For example,  a power seat swivel is great if you don’t have the strength to easily turn the seat with the manual swivel handle.

Our comparison charts include information about options, or read more on the Features page.

5. Comfort

You might spend only a few minutes on your stair lift each time you ride it, but you will want to make sure you feel safely seated while riding it. The best way to make sure your stair lift feels comfortable for you is try it first. Most reputable dealers have showrooms with working lifts to try out. That also allows you to try out a few different models.

Try a demo stair lift in store to choose the best stair lift for you
If possible, visit a showroom to try the stair lift before you buy it. Check your fit in the seat, your general comfort and make sure you find it easy to operate.

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