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Can I Use a Stair Lift Outdoors?

There are stair lifts made for outdoor use, but this depends on the weather you experience where you live. If you have very cold winters, you may not be able to have a stair lift installed outdoors.

1. Can I install a stair lift outside?

In moderate climates, a stair lift can be installed outdoors. See the comparison charts for more information about which stair lifts are best for outdoor applications.

2. Are the special instructions for an outdoor stairlift?

Most outdoor stair lifts include a cover that should be used to protect the lift when you are not using it. The cover is similar to one you would use to protect a BBQ. Alternatively, your stair lift can be parked in a covered area such as the top of a covered porch or deck.

3. Can I install a stair lift in a garage?

Yes. A garage provides additional weather protection for the stair lift. Unless you live with extreme cold in the winter, the stair lift can be operated year round in a garage.

4. What about maintenance for an outdoor stair lift?

Due to rain, temperature changes and salt air, an outdoor stair lift should be serviced more often than an indoor stair lift. The installing dealer should review this with you and having scheduled maintenance will help keep your stair lift running reliably.

Straight stair lift installation in garage
Stair lifts can be installed outdoors, but it depends on your climate. You can install a stair lift in a garage where it's protected.
Silver cross representative helping customer with outdoor stair lift faqs
Stair lifts do not require a lot of maintenance, but it's a good idea to have them serviced once or twice a year.

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