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Lift Chair Installation and Service Information

How do I install a lift chair?

Lift chairs will generally require a small amount of assembly and are usually easy to deliver. It is important to consider the weight of the chair before buying and consider if you will need assistance when installing. The chair will usually arrive in two pieces (backrest and seat base), and the backrest will have to be screwed into the base or slid through a channel and locked. Electrical components for heat and massage may have to be connected from the backrest to the base. Lift chairs normally come with adjustable leg levellers to level the chair and to clear high pile carpet that might otherwise impede the operation of the footrest. During installation, you should make sure to place the lift chair at the distance from the wall recommended by the manufacturer. This will ensure that the chair will be able to recline without hitting the wall.

How often do I need maintenance for my lift chair?

Manufacturers will include maintenance recommendations in their owner’s manual. It is important to always follow their recommendations or else the warranty may become void. Before use, you should inspect the chair and if any damage is found prior to use, we recommend you call the manufacturer’s authorized dealer. You should also regularly inspect the fabric and upholstery for rips, tears or pulls and the wiring harness for frays, damage or signs of corrosion. If any damage is found, immediately unplug the chair and call the manufacturer’s authorized dealer closest to you. Keep liquids and moisture away from all electronic components.

How do I clean my lift chair?

You should read the owner’s manual for specific cleaning instructions and to ensure that the cleaning products you plan to use will not damage the fabric or upholstery. A mild fabric cleaner may be used on fabric-covered lift chairs. Leather may be easier to clean than fabric-covered lift chairs. It is important to always unplug the chair before cleaning to avoid contact with any electrical components.

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Lift chairs require some assembly, but most dealers will offer delivery and set up services to make it easy.
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The best way to clean your lift chair depends on its upholstery. Leather may be easier to clean than fabric.

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