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Compare Lift Chairs

Lift chairs are powered mechanically to help people stand up from a seated position. All lift chairs can recline but differ in the degree of recline offered. The comparison chart below showcases five popular lift chairs that offer various features.

Top 5 Lift Chairs Comparison Chart

The Cloud with
The Comforter
NotableMemory foam armrests, power headrest and lumbar, extra pocketExtended arms for greater stability, extra pocketSoft foam seat, Footrest extension, dual pocketsFootrest extension, dual pocketsPower lumbar headrest and backrest, footrest extension
Heat and Massage Option Available*NoYesYesYesNo
2, 3 or infinite positionInfinite (Twilight Tilt Technology, similar to Zero Gravity)32 or 3Infinite (Trendelenburg and Zero Gravity)Infinite (Relaxed, Reclined, and Upward Lift)
Upholstery options:
quick ships vs. upgraded**
Standard fabric: 3 quick ship colors,
3 Extended lead time colors
Chenille: 3 quick ship colors,
2 extended lead time colors
Cloud 9 fabric: 5 quick ship colors
2 faux leather, 1 fabric standards: 13 extended lead time colours
Burbank fabric: 4 quick ship colors
2 faux leather, 1 fabric: 13 extended lead time colours
Faux leather: 3 quick ship colors
Capacity375 lb375-500 lb375- 600 lb375 lb400 lb
Seat to floor height20-21.5″19-22″19-21″19-20″18-21.5″
Seat fit (W x D)20″ x 18.5-20″21-29″ x 19-22″20″ x 20″20″ x 20″20″ x 21″
Overall width35.5-39.5″31.5-40″24-30″ x 19-22″21.5-24″ x 19″-21″20-24″ x 18.5-22.5″
Distance to wall required23-24″16-21″14-19″18.5-21.5″12.5-16″
Battery backupNoYesYesYesYes
Product weight~210 lb~130-140 lb117-168 lb118-130 lb137-155 lb
Recommended user height*5′2″ – 6’2″Under 5′ – 6′8″Up to 6′1″Up to 6′0″Under 5′3″ – above 5′10″
Warranty***Lifetime (frame, lift frame, recline mechanism)Lifetime (frame, lift frame, recline mechanism)7 yr (pro-rated)7 yr (pro-rated)7 yr (pro-rated)

*We recommend that you test the chair first in-store to make sure that it fits; height ranges may not be exact. 6-8 weeks lead time.

**2-4 weeks delay, lead time subject to change.

***Every warranty is subject to specific limitations. A warranty may no longer apply if the product is damaged with improper use. Even lifetime warranties are limited to their first owner; if the product is sold, they will no longer apply.

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