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How to Choose a Lift Chair

5 Tips on Choosing a Lift Chair

  1. Types of lift chairs include two-position, three-position and infinite. The type of lift chair that you select depends on your needs. People that have poor circulation may need an infinite lift chair since it can reach the Trendelenburg position, in which the feet are positioned higher than the head. Some people may need their feet lifted while in the seated position. This is only achievable by the infinite lift chair since it has separate motors for the backrest and the footrest. People who mainly use the chair for watching TV and only need help standing up from the seated position will be very comfortable in a two-position chair.
  2. Fit is very important for your comfort. The lift chair cannot be too big or your feet will not be able to reach the floor when the chair is in the “lifted” position. If the chair is too small, then the lower back may not be supported properly. Every lift chair model will have a listed range of heights that it can accommodate and most will have various sizes available such as petite, medium and large. It is also important to check the listed weight capacity for the lift chair. It’s a good idea to visit a local dealer to get properly fitted and to try out different models to figure out which one feels the best.
  3. Spacing must be considered when purchasing a lift chair. In general, the more the lift chair can recline, the more space it needs. Space is required behind for the chair to fully recline, in front for the footrest when it is raised and when the user is being lifted into a standing position.
  4. Upholstery comes in many different fabrics, leathers and even faux leather. Though much of the choice is aesthetic, practical reasons must be considered as well. Leather may not be the best choice for someone that sweats a lot but may be a good choice for someone who wants a chair that is easy to clean.
  5. Additional features may be important for people with special needs. Some lift chair models have the option for heated seats and massage which help people with certain ailments. Cup holders may be important for people that have limited reach.