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FAQs for Traditional Home Elevators

How much does a home elevator cost?

A starting price for a home elevator including the installation will be $25,000. Costs increase with more stops/travel, more doors and custom finishes. Material costs are ever-changing, so it is important to get an estimate based on your home and your choices.

How do I choose the best home elevator?

The best place to get advice is usually your local home elevator dealer/installer. Because an elevator really has to fit your home and the space available, a site visit by a local dealer is a great first step. If you are building a new home, be sure to involve your local elevator dealer at the beginning so you can accommodate the elevator in the planning.

How much space do I need for a home elevator?

You will need a minimum of 5 square feet for a home elevator, but the exact space required will depend on the model that you choose and the size of the cab. You may also need room for mechanical components depending on the type of drive mechanism.  

Traditional home elevators require hoistway construction
The hoist way construction for a home elevator is done by a contractor and must meet the required elevator manufacturer specifications.
Infinity Home Elevator Hoistway Savaria | Silver Cross
A home elevator requires at least 5 square feet for a hoist-way.

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