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5 Tips to Choose the Best Home Elevator

1. Manufacturer reputation

A well-built home elevator should last many years with scheduled maintenance. Choose a reputable manufacturer with history in the business. A home elevator is nothing you should cheap-out on since a home elevator is moving people and needs to be built and installed for safety.

2. Dealer expertise

Installing a residential elevator is for the pros only. Licensed, experienced elevator technicians will ensure that your elevator meets all national and local code which is critical for safe operation. Silver Cross has a list of pre-qualified elevator installers and can help you find a local expert.

3. Try them!

The elevator drive system you choose will dictate the noise and smoothness of the ride. The quietest and smoothest rides come from gearless drives or hydraulic drives. But there are pros and cons to each style, so it’s always best to visit a dealer’s showroom to try the elevator type yourself and to ask questions.

4. Customization options

Some companies are very flexible and offer different finish options and cab styles. Adding options such as glass sliding doors takes your home elevator to a different level of luxury altogether.

5. Specifications and your home

Before you run down the path of picking exactly what you want, a local elevator contractor is the right person to help you review your needs for travel distance and hoist-way requirements, and these factors may narrow your choices. If you are building a new home, figure the elevator into your plan right from the beginning for the most flexibility of choice. For a renovation, make sure you get an expert in to review how installation can be done.

Home elevator demo in store to help with choosing a home elevator
Visit the showroom of a home elevator dealer in order to try them out and choose the finishes you prefer.

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