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Compare Home Elevators

A home elevator offers complete accessibility for the home, eliminating the barrier of stairs. Unlike accessibility lifts, a home elevator features automatic operation to travel from floor to floor. They can be customized with finishes ranging from standard to luxury, depending on your budget and tastes. In the home elevator comparison chart below, five popular models are featured.

Top 5 Home Elevators Comparison Chart

Drive systemchain drivehydrauliccable drumgeared direct drivehydraulic
Machine room required?optionalyesyesnoyes
Minimum pit required6″8″10″8″8″
Minimum overhead clearance96″96″96″96″96″
Warranty3 yr3 yr2 yr2 yr3 yr
Notablemachine room-less optionhigher capacity option availablealso makes hydraulic and machine roomlessalso available with hydraulic drivehigh capacity option

These home elevators travel at a similar speed averaging about 40 ft per minute. Additional pit depth is required for higher capacity or cab size. Overhead clearance increase with optional taller cab sizes.

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