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How to Choose a Ceiling Lift

5 Tips for Choosing a Home Patient or Ceiling Lift

  1. Length of Time Required for Use
  • Temporary or short-term: to aid in the recovery period or in a transition period of a person’s care strategy. A portable lift with track and 2 posts or patient lift may be a good choice in these situations. You may be able to rent the lifting system and purchase the sling.
  • Long-term: installing a permanently fixed ceiling track with a permanent or portable ceiling lift is recommend for long term use. A portable lifting unit may be removed and used at other locations (such as a family cottage) if needed.
  1. Healthcare Advice

Consult an occupational or physical therapist or family physician to identify the requirements for the lift to suit the patient’s needs. An experienced ceiling/patient dealer would be able to recommend models that satisfy those needs. It is important to consider the current and future condition of the user when selecting a lift.

  1. Portability

If you want to be able to use the lift in different rooms, or even take it with you for use in a different home, you will want to select a portable unit. A great portable lift will weigh less than 11 lb and will come with an easy carrying handle on the unit.

  1. Ceiling

A true ceiling lift is installed on the ceiling. If your ceiling is not up the task – for example, you live in a rental in which you cannot install the track, or the ceiling is not strong enough to do so – you you will need to use a portable lift with an overhead stand (a track and 2 posts) instead. An installed ceiling track may even require a building permit, but a qualified dealer will know whether or not this is required.

  1. Space Considerations

A wheeled patient lift requires significant space to maneuver. Check the measurements of the lift to make sure you can move it where it needs to go. A portable ceiling lift requires minimal floor space for the overhead stand. An installed ceiling track does not take up any floor space and therefore is the most efficient lift for a residential setting

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