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5 Things to Know to Choose a Ceiling Lift

1. How long do you need to use it?

If you are using a ceiling lift in the home for rehabilitation, you can likely use a portable ceiling lift with gantry frame. This will allow you to move a person safely in and out of a wheelchair. Some dealers rent this equipment and will deliver and set it up for you. You would need to purchase a sling.  If you expect to use the ceiling lift for long term use, you should consider a fixed lift with installed ceiling track in order to reduce transferring in and out of a wheelchair.

2. Capacity

Ceiling lifts are rated for different weight capacities of the patient. Be sure to choose the lift appropriate for the patient.

3. Proper installation is a must

A reputable dealer will ensure that your ceiling lift is properly installed and can carry the weight of the patient safely. This is especially important for fixed track lifts. In some cases, the installation may require reinforcement in your ceiling in order to securely fasten the track brackets.

4. Battery life

The best ceiling lifts use lithium-ion batteries that provide more lifts from a single charge, require less time to charge the battery and overall have a longer battery life expectancy. Other types of batteries take much longer to charge and require expensive battery replacement more often.

5. Ease of use

Choose a ceiling lift that you find easy to use. Since you will need to use the lift multiple times a day, you will want a lift this is intuitive to operate with simple and clear controls. If possible, visit a store to try them out.

Person choosing a portable ceiling lift
A portable ceiling lift is a great option for short term use. It operates with a portable gantry frame that fits over the bed.
Man installing a fixed ceiling lift
Professional installation is a must for fixed ceiling track lifts.

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