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FAQs for Ceiling Lifts

How much does a ceiling lift cost?

A portable ceiling lift starting price is about $3000. Expect to pay at least $5000 for a fixed lift with track and the cost will increase with the more track you install or the type of ceiling structure in your home.

Can I use a floor lift instead of a ceiling lift?

A floor lift can be used to transfer a person safely. However, a floor lift has a number of drawbacks. Floor lifts are not nearly as effective at preventing injury to the caregiver as they usually require strain to bend over and move the lift. Floor lifts take up quite a bit of room making them inconvenient to store or move around.

What is the best ceiling lift?

All ceiling lifts do essentially the same task, but the best one for your needs should be the one that you find easy to use and is configured for your daily needs. Choosing a ceiling lift with a lithium ion battery generally eliminates the number one frustration for many users – that the lift has a dead battery.

What kind of sling do I need for my ceiling lift?

Slings come in hundreds of sizes and shapes to accommodate a person’s condition, their body shape and weight. A healthcare provider, such as an occupational therapist will often provide their expertise to the selection of the correct slings to use. You may require several slings for different purposes (including bathing) and most types of slings are washable.

Span floor lift
This floor lift can be used instead of a ceiling lift, but floor lifts are not as good at preventing injury to the caregiver and they take up a lot of space.
Person seated in a hygienic sling with back and leg support
A hygienic sling allows for toileting. You may need different slings for different purposes.

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