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Ceiling Lift Installation & Service

What is involved in the installation of a fixed lift?

Usually a dealer will conduct a site visit to recommend where the track should be installed to service the area. For example, if you would like track to go from a bedroom to the bathroom, or to other rooms, the dealer will take measurements and inspect the ceiling construction. The top dealers can provide a computer drawing of your room showing the track configuration and how it will work. They will also provide an estimate for the entire project including preparation for the ceiling if required. Installation can take a day or more depending on the design of the track system and number of rooms. The last step of the installation is usually a load test to make sure the system passes the required capacity load.

Can I set up a gantry frame myself?

Dealers will usually deliver and set up your gantry system for a small fee. But it is possible to set it up yourself. Some gantry poles are quite heavy and cumbersome so you will want to check in advance on the dimensions of the gantry before you opt to install it yourself.

I have track installed already, but I want to replace my ceiling lift. Do I have to buy the same brand?

Some manufacturers provide kits to retrofit their lift to work with other brands of track. That’s means you can get a new, better technology lift to work with older track as long as it is still safely installed and load-tested.

Does the ceiling track have to be straight?

Ceiling tracks are modular and are put together with both straight and curved pieces as required. There are many possible configurations possible with track systems.

How often does a ceiling lift require service?

A good quality ceiling lift should not require service often, but it is wise to have your system checked once a year for a load test and also to check other components. If you are not using a lithum-ion battery lift, you may need to replace the batteries annually or even twice a year depending on how often you use the lift.

Bird's eye view of a home ceiling lift installation showing a curved track going from bedroom to bathroom
This curved track system services the bedroom and bathroom.
Fixed ceiling lift with XY track in a bedroom
Track can be configured to curve or include an XY layout in order to maximize the coverage of where a lift can go.

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