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Bath Lift Installation and Service

Bath Lift Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning

Installation—There is little or no installation for most bath lifts. They typically come in two to three pieces, and are easy to put together and take apart for storage. Before using the tub, make sure that it is installed properly and that the suction cups are secured to the tub floor.

Maintenance—Manufacturers will include maintenance recommendations in their owner’s manual. Always follow their recommendations or the warranty may become void. Typically battery- and water-powered bath lifts should be inspected yearly by an authorized dealer/installer.

Cleaning—Clean the bath lift immediately after use by removing the covers and showering it with hot water. Some bath lifts are made with anti-microbial/anti-bacterial material and may be helpful for those who are prone to infections. For a deeper weekly clean, a non-bleaching bath cleaner may be used. Always read the label before using it on the bath lift. Most bath lift models come with or offer optional covers that can be washed regularly. The covers can also prevents sliding or slipping off the lift.