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Compare Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are designed for people who have trouble getting in and out of bathtubs. Bath lifts gently lower or lift the user into and out of the tub. Most are lightweight and are easily stored when not in use. The comparison chart below showcases four popular bath lifts offering different features and options.

All bath lifts below are water resistant, portable with assistance, feature reclining back rests, floating hand controls, and are rechargeable Lithium-ion battery-operated.

Top 4 Bath Lifts Comparison Chart

Aquatec R

Aquatec J
NotableLift will not descend without enough battery powerLift will not descend without enough battery power, Extra wide side flaps for Jacuzzi-stylePadded seat/backrest, 4 quick-release suction cups for anti-slip baseSliding seat for easy positioning and getting in/out of the tub
300 lb300 lb300 lb287 lb
Battery life6 lifts6 lifts6 lifts30 min auto switch-off, recharge in 4 hours
Seat height range2.5″ – 16.5″2.5″ – 17″2.3″-18.8″2.35″ – 19″
Max. recline angle40°40°50°50°
Seat fit (W x D)15-28″ x 19″15-34″ x 19″13.7-27.5″ x 16.5″13.8-27.3″ x 16.5″
Backrest (H x W)26″ x 14″26″ x 14″25.1″ x 12.5-14.1″25.3″ x 13.3″
Base dimensions (W x L)11″ x 23″11″ x 23″12.2″ x 22″Approx 32″ length
Product weight
26 lb28 lb20.5 lb33 lb
3 yr3 yr3 yrLifetime

*Every warranty is subject to specific limitations. A warranty may no longer apply if the product is damaged with improper use. Even lifetime warranties are limited to their first owner; if the product is sold, they will no longer apply.

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