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FAQs: Bath Lifts

How much does a bath lift cost?

The price range for bath lifts can vary drastically. The typical starting price is around $1,095 and can go up to $1800 or more. However, the price depends heavily on the type of bath lift. Manual bath lifts are the least expensive option. Battery-powered bath lifts are a mid-range option, and bath lifts made for deeper and/or wider tubs (e.g. garden tubs and Jacuzzis) are slightly more expensive. The most expensive option is a custom, full-length, water-powered bath lift, which starts at thousands of dollars more expensive than the range above. Optional accessories can also raise the price including reclining backrests, self-control recline options, headrests, covers, and more.

Can I use Epsom salts with a bath lift?

Epsom salts may be used without harming the bath lift. However, the use of bath oils and moisturizers is not recommended since they can leave a residue on the bottom of the tub and prevent the suction cups from adhering properly. If bath oils or moisturizers are used, clean the bottom of the tub and suction cups with a detergent that can cut through the oils. As well, medicated oils such as Oilatum, Balnuem and coal tar (for treating various skin conditions) can eat away at the rubber suction cups and must be washed off immediately every time they are used.

Can I buy a used bath lift?

Although you may be able to find used bath lifts for sale on the internet, many reputable retailers do not sell them as bath lifts are hygienic products and not to be shared between users.

Can I use a bath lift in a deeper and/or wider bathtub?

Deeper and/or wider bathtubs such as garden tubs, corner tubs, oval tubs, and Jacuzzis may require more specialized bath lifts or extension transfer flaps for safe and proper use. Contact Silver Cross to get in touch with a local pre-qualified dealer to discuss your non-standard tub to ensure the bath lift fits properly.

Side view of bath lift in tub
Deeper and/or wider bathtubs such as oval tubs may require more specialized bath lifts or extension transfer flaps.

Will bath lifts work in a bathtub with shower doors?

Bath lifts with either removable flaps or no flaps may work in a bathtub with shower doors or walls; however, it is not recommended. In a bathtub with shower doors, the user has to stand up in the tub and step over the side of the tub to get in and out, increasing the chances of slipping or falling. The shower doors and/or walls must be removed for bath lifts with swivel seats.

Can bath lifts be used at either end of the tub?

Yes, the bath lift can be used at either end of the tub. However, make sure that you are still able to access the tub drain to fill or empty the bath with the lift raised.

Is there funding for bath lifts?

Bath lifts are not usually considered an essential medical device, but some state and provincial governments and charities do provide funding. Find out more information for funding in Canada and the United States. You can contact a local pre-qualified dealer through Silver Cross to provide you with all the local government and charity funding options available in your area.

Does the bath lift automatically recline?

Some bath lifts will automatically recline as they lower into position. You can adjust the degree of recline for most lifts by holding the button down to lower into the tub. Once the lift is fully lowered, the back begins to recline. Let go of the button when you have reached the degree of recline that you prefer.

Will a bath lift work in my bathtub?

It is important to do your research before you buy. Taking accurate measurements of your bathtub is vital for finding the perfect bath lift. There are many things to consider, so the best way to make the right decision is to find a knowledgeable and experienced bath lift expert in your area that can answer any of your questions and concerns. Most companies including Silver Cross’s local pre-qualified dealers will do free in-home assessments, measure your bathtub properly and make recommendations according to your needs, budget, and bathtub.

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Bath lift in tub with transfer aid
Bath lifts can be used at either end of the tub, as long as the drain can still be accessed.