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FAQs: Power Wheelchairs

How much is an electric wheelchair?

Electric wheelchair prices are entirely determined by Assistive Devices Program (ADP) in Ontario. ADP covers 75% of the cost for most power wheelchairs excluding certain upgrades. If denied by ADP, there are very few options that are cash and carry. One cash and carry option that may be available through Silver Cross is the Drive Medical Titan.  

The price range of power wheelchairs is extremely broad and is entirely based on user requirements. Power chairs can cost as low as around $8,500 or up to $20,000 or more, depending on your specifications and upgrades. In general, mid wheel drive systems are more expensive than front and rear wheel drive. Contact your local ADP authorizer through Silver Cross to learn more about pricing.

Does Medicare cover power wheelchairs?

In the U.S., a doctor will have to conduct a mobility evaluation and write a prescription for Medicare to cover the cost. The power wheelchair must be deemed medically necessary for you to complete daily living activities at home, and the doctor must certify that it is not possible for you to perform these tasks with a cane, walker, manual wheelchair, or mobility scooter. You must also demonstrate that you are able to use the product safely and effectively. A Silver Cross dealer in your area will be happy to take you through the funding process.

What is the difference between a power wheelchair and a mobility scooter?

Both mobility scooters and power wheelchairs may be used indoors and outdoors, but power wheelchairs are generally for indoor use and mobility scooters for outdoor use. Mobility scooters are controlled by tillers, whereas most power wheelchairs are controlled by joysticks. People who use mobility scooters must be able to sit upright for long periods of time. If that is not possible, power wheelchairs are a better choice since the seats offer more support.

How do I transport a power wheelchair?

Travel or portable power wheelchairs can fold or can easily be disassembled to fit in a trunk of a car or in airplane cargo. Other wheelchairs may be disassembled into a few parts for transportation. It is important to consider the weight of each part when purchasing. A lift may be purchased for power wheelchairs that do not disassemble or that have a heavy base and other parts.

How much does an electric wheelchair weigh?

The weight of an electric wheelchair will vary depending on the model and upgrades made by your occupational therapist (OT) or ADP authorizer. You should refer to a specific product’s Owner’s Manual for further information.

Person folding power wheelchair to put in vehicle
Travel or portable power wheelchairs can fold or can easily be disassembled to fit in a trunk of a car.

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