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Compare Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs (also known as “power chairs” or electric wheelchairs”) are motorized wheelchairs for people who cannot operate a manual wheelchair. Power Wheelchairs are typically customized and prescribed by an occupational therapist (OT). In Ontario, they are purchased through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) and must be determined by an ADP authorizer. The features you require will be customized fully by the provider for clinical positioning. Some features of power chairs are considered upgrades that are restricted and not covered by the Assistive Devices Program in Ontario. Call Silver Cross to connect with an ADP authorizer near you.

Top 4 Power Wheelchairs Comparison Chart

Jazzy Elite HD
Alltrack M3 Series
Q6 Edge series
NotableWide seat, large wheels for traction outdoors and climbing, compact casters for tighter turns indoors, anti-tip wheels, cash and carry option*Great for indoor driving, suspension and lock system and tracking technology for stability, Center Wheel Drive for tight turningStanding option available, power recline option, elevating mechanismMany color options, iLevel elevating mechanism allows up to 12″ of elevating, Extra Stability technology for safe transfers
Capacity450 lb300 lb300 lb (M3)
400 lb (M3-HD elevating seat)
450 lb (M3-HD)
300-450 lb
Base (W x L)24.25″ x 35.5″24-25.5″ x 35.6″21-25.4″ x -35.1″24.4-26.3″ x 32.2-35.6″
Turning radius24″20″20″19.8-20.5″
Max. range15.8 km32.2 km49.2-68.5 km24.3– 32.7 km
Top speed6.4 km/h9.3 km/h9-10.5 km/h5.6-12.8 km/h
Max incline8-10°6-7.5°
DriveFront wheelMid wheelMid wheelMid wheel
ColorRed, blueBlack frame, 10 colors for wheel accents8 colors options17 colors options
Warranty**5 yr (frame)
2 yr (electronics/drive motors)
1 yr (base/seat frame, electronics and motors)5 yr (frame/brackets)Lifetime (frame)
2 yr (electronics/drive motors)

*If denied by ADP

**Every warranty is subject to specific limitations. A warranty may no longer apply if the product is damaged with improper use. Even lifetime warranties are limited to their first owner; if the product is sold, they will no longer apply.

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