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FAQs: Mobility Scooters

How much does a mobility scooter cost?

Mobility scooters vary in price with a starting price of just over $1000, with larger scooters costing upward of $5000. However, there are large variations in price for individual products and all products on the market may not fall within the range. The prices for mobility scooters vary according to their features such as maximum speed, type, and other options. Travel scooters are significantly more affordable than full-sized scooters. Three-wheel travel scooters are slightly less expensive than four-wheel travel scooters. Full-sized three-wheel scooters are less expensive than full-sized four-wheel scooters by around $500. Heavy-duty scooters start at a price comparable to full-size scooters, whereas all-terrain models are significantly more expensive.

Will Medicare pay for a mobility scooter?

In the U.S., funding for mobility scooters is available through Medicare part B if it’s medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor.

Is there funding in Canada available for mobility scooters?

In Canada, funding for mobility scooters is available provincially and eligibility requirements may differ from province to province. Community and other non-profit organizations may offer financial assistance as well. See more information here.

How far can a mobility scooter travel?

How far a mobility scooter can travel on one battery charge will depend on factors such as the weight the scooter is carrying, the terrain that you are travelling on, how fast you are travelling, and if the battery is properly charged. When manufacturers provide a range, they are assuming that the scooter is travelling on a smooth, flat surface, using brand new tires, using new and fully charged batteries, and that the user weighs 150 lb. or less without carrying anything else such as groceries. In general, full-sized three- and four-wheel scooters have longer travel ranges than travel/portable scooters.

What is the difference between a mobility scooter and power wheelchair?

Both mobility scooters and power wheelchairs may be used indoors and outdoors, but mobility scooters are generally better suited for outdoor use whereas power wheelchairs are suited for indoor use. Mobility scooters are controlled by tillers, and most power wheelchairs are controlled by joysticks. People that use mobility scooters must be able to sit upright for long periods of time. If that is not possible, power wheelchairs are a better option since the seats offer more support.

How do I transport a scooter?

If you plan to travel with your mobility scooter, it is important to consider whether the lift disassembles or folds and the weight to make sure you or a caregiver can lift the scooter up. It is a good idea to test the scooter out in-store to make sure it is easy to lift. If the scooter is too heavy, you may want to consider purchasing a lift or ramp for transporting the scooter.

Can you take a mobility scooter on a plane?

Travel scooters such as the Pride Go-Go Folding Scooter can go on an airplane if they are stowed in cargo. They can either be folded or disassembled (usually into three or four parts). These scooters tend to be lighter than full-sized three- or four-wheel scooters.

How much does a mobility scooter weigh?

Each model of mobility scooter will have a different weight depending on many factors including the size of the scooter, the number of wheels, the range, the battery, whether it disassembles into parts or folds, and more. Refer to the manufacturer’s provided specifications for details on the weight.

Can you rent a mobility scooter?

Depending on the model, you may be able to rent a mobility scooter. Call Silver Cross at 1.844.352.7677 to learn more.  

Do you need to have a license to drive a mobility scooter?

In Ontario, people using mobility scooters are considered pedestrians under the Highway Traffic Act and therefore they do not require a driver’s license, license plates, registration, or insurance. If you live outside Ontario, you should check if your state/province classifies mobility scooter users as pedestrians. As well, you should check whether local bylaws allow your wheelchair or scooter to be used on sidewalks.

What is the best mobility scooter for seniors?

The best mobility scooter for seniors is dependent on the user’s individual needs and intended use. To find the right scooter consult a local ADP authorizer.

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Person riding a mobility scooter on a public sidewalk
Mobility scooter users are considered pedestrians under the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario and should use the sidewalk.
Person loading a mobility scooter in the trunk of a vehicle using a ramp
If the scooter is too heavy to lift yourself, a lift or ramp can help transport the scooter.