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Mobility Scooter Assembly and Service

Learn About the Maintenance, Cleaning & Service for Mobility Scooters

Most mobility scooters are not difficult to assemble. Please read the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully. Many scooters do not even require tools for assembly.

Maintenance—Have your mobility scooter serviced yearly by a local dealer authorized by the manufacturer. Get the most out of the battery by regularly charging it for eight to ten hours at a time. If the scooter is used daily, charge the battery overnight so it is fully charged in the morning. It is not recommended to charge a battery if there is a charge of 80% or more left. Check the wheels regularly for signs of wear. Look for punctures in pneumatic wheels. Replace the wheels if damage is found. Refer to the owner’s manual for care and maintenance instructions for specific mobility scooter models before performing any maintenance.

Cleaning—Cleaning your mobility scooter regularly will prevent dirt and dust from damaging any moving parts. Clean the scooter with soap and water and be careful not to get any of the electrical components wet. Turn off your scooter prior to cleaning.

Service—Have your mobility scooter serviced by the manufacturer’s authorized local dealer once a year (or as recommended by the manufacturer).