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Mobility Scooter Assembly and Service Information

How do I assemble a mobility scooter?

Most mobility scooters are not difficult to assemble and will come with around three or four parts. Many scooters do not even require tools for assembly. Please read the instructions provided by the manufacturer carefully.

How do I disassemble and transport a mobility scooter?

Most scooters will disassemble into around three to four parts. Many do not require tools for disassembly. It is important to check the weight of the individual parts if you plan to disassemble the scooter itself. It is a good idea to test out disassembling the scooter in-store before purchasing to make sure you will be able to lift the parts. If the scooter is too heavy to disassemble yourself, you may want to consider purchasing a lift or ramp to transport the scooter. Folding scooters do not disassemble.

How often do I need maintenance for my mobility scooter?

Your mobility scooter should be serviced by the manufacturer’s authorized local dealer once per year (or as recommended by the manufacturer). The battery life can be preserved by regularly charging it for eight to ten hours at a time. If the scooter is used during the day, charge the battery overnight so it is fully charged in the morning. It is not recommended to charge a battery if there is a charge of 80% or more left.

You should regularly inspect the mobility scooter for damage and signs of wear, paying special attention to the wheels. Look for punctures in pneumatic wheels. If damage is found, you should replace the wheels. Refer to the owner’s manual for care and maintenance instructions for specific mobility scooter models before performing any maintenance.

It is important to store the scooter in a dry, moderate temperature storage facility such as a garage or basement during the winter. Adverse weather conditions including cold, rain, and snow can damage the vehicle and the battery. The control panel should be covered to avoid water.

How do you charge a mobility scooter?

Refer to the owner’s manual for charging instructions. Most scooters feature charging ports on the battery itself, meaning the battery can be removed from the unit while charging.

How do I clean my mobility scooter?

Cleaning your mobility scooter regularly will prevent dirt and dust from damaging any moving parts. Wash the scooter with soap and water, using caution to avoid getting any of the electrical components wet. Allow the scooter to dry before use. Always turn off your scooter prior to cleaning.

Mobility scooter being folded up
Pride's Go Go Folding Scooter can be easily folded for storage and transportation.
Mobility scooter service and parts to assemble
Most scooters will disassemble easily into a few pieces.

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