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FAQs for Vertical Platform Lifts

1. How much is a basic wheelchair lift?

An unenclosed vertical platform lift that services 2 stops, includes a safety gate and lock and the installation services starts is approximately $5,000-$7000. The price will vary based on the complexity of the installation and any special features on the lift.

2. How do I choose the best wheelchair lift?

Consider first where you need the lift in order to access your home. If you need the lift to get you from the ground level to access your home, you likely need a porch lift which is an unenclosed lift. If you need the lift inside your home, consider where you have space to install the lift. Do you need to access just 2 levels?  If you need to access more than 2 levels, you can consider having a wheelchair lift that travels in a hoistway inside your home. 

You must also consider your wheelchair or mobility device to ensure that the platform size is large enough for you. The best configuration for a lift is roll in and out in a straight direction, but your site may require the entry and exit point to be at 90 degrees. Be sure you can maneuver in and out the lift with room outside the lift as well. A qualified dealer is usually adept at reviewing your site and your equipment to make a good recommendation for the lift to suit your needs.

Vertical platform lift outdoor installation on backyard porch deck
This is a typical installation with the lift to the side of the deck. The lift is secured to a poured concrete pad.

3. How much space do I need for a vertical platform wheelchair lift?

Here are some guidelines on the space needed for a wheelchair lift.

Porch Lift
Minimum footprint needed: 54″ by 74″ (for a platform that is 36″ by 48″)

Wheelchair Lift Inside Hoistway
Hoistway minimum size needed: 54″ by 54″ (for a 36″ X 48″ platform)

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Here are the 3 ways of installing a vertical platform lift:

Standard deck lift installation
This is a standard deck lift installed outdoors.
Vertical platform lift within a hoistway, installed inside a home
A vertical platform lift can be installed inside a hoistway in the home making it feel more like an elevator.
Vertical platform lift with full enclosure installed outside on a porch
This lift with enclosure is used more in commercial settings with its clear panels and full-sized door.

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