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5 Tips to Choose the Best Roll-in Shower

1. Measure your space. 
Measure the length and width of the bathtub in which you will be installing the roll-in shower. Do you have space to extend the width of the shower? It would be easier to maneuver your wheelchair in a shower that is wider than a standard bathtub (30″). Although it is possible to find a roll-in shower that is 30″ to 32″ wide, some consider 36″ to be the minimum acceptable width.

2. How big is the wheelchair you will be using in the shower?
Make sure your shower wheelchair fits and can turn inside the shower.

3. Left, right or center drain?
Select a roll-in shower with a left, right or center drain to fit your existing drain pipe location. To determine the location of the drain, stand in front of your tub and see if the drain is on the left or right hand side.

4. Roll in and transfer?
If you always use your wheelchair in the shower and other people using the shower will only be standing, select a roll-in shower that does not come with a folding shower seat. If you would like to occasionally transfer into the shower or someone in your home prefers to sit down to shower, select a roll-in shower kit that includes a shower seat.

Roll-in shower tips shows small lip to prevent water overflow, grab bar and flip up bench
Grab bars and a seat allow people to use the shower without the need for a shower wheelchair.

5. Shower shelves and soap ledges.
If the roll-in shower includes soap ledges, shelves or cubby holes, make sure that there are some within your reach. If not, have some installed at a height and location comfortable for you.

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