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Compare Medical Beds

Medical beds, also called “home care beds” or “hospital beds”, are designed for the comfort and well-being of people with limited mobility including those who are elderly, disabled or chronically ill. They are also designed for the convenience of their caretaker.

Most are height adjustable and easy to clean. The comparison chart below showcases seven popular medical beds offering different features and options.

Top 7 Medical Beds Comparison Chart

ProductDrive Delta Ultra-Light 1000Invacare Etude HCPermobil HalsaSpan Advantage and Advantage Ready WideSpan Encore and Encore Ready WideJoerns EasycareJoerns Care 100
NotableEconomical short-term option, battery backup lowering for head and footEconomical short-term option, Trendelenburg, tool free disassembly, for use with any mattressFor home care, Trendelenburg, easy disassembly, expansion options available, casters lock in placeAdjustable footrest, expandable surface, smart stop sensors for loweringRetractable deck for fall prevention, smart stop sensors for loweringIntegrate expansion, reinforced deck, leg lift, lowers and raises with night lightingTubular steel design provides sturdier structure, grid surface for air flow
Institutional settings, for long term use, clinical positioning, footboard attendant controls
Capacity450 lb360 lb375-500 lb500-650 lb600 lb450 lb
Floor to bed Height range12.5-21.5"7.8"-26.5"9.9-25.6"Advantage:
Rail options Full, half¾, half, ¼Full, half¾, HalfHalfHalfFull, Half
Sleep surface dimensions
(W x L)
36" x 80-84"36" x 80"36-48" x 80"35-42" x 76-84"35-42" x 76-84"35-42" x 76-80"35-42" x 83.5-85.5"
Panel FinishWood lookWood look (beech)Wood look, wine colourWood look
(6-7 finishes)
Wood look
(7 finishes)
Wood look
(3 finishes)
Wood look
(10 finishes)
Warranty*Lifetime (welds and frame)
5 yr (motor and hand control)
5 yr (frame)10 yr (frame)15 yr (welds, Advantage frame)
10 yr (ReadyWide frame)
15 yr (welds)
10 yr (frame)
Lifetime (welds)
15 yr (steel structural components)
Lifetime (welds)
7 yr (steel structural components)

*Every warranty is subject to specific limitations. A warranty may no longer apply if the product is damaged with improper use. Even lifetime warranties are limited to their first owner; if the product is sold, they will no longer apply.

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