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Jazz up your ride: wheelchair edition

Wheelchair Accessories | Silver Cross®

Just like we spruce up cars and trucks, some may like to deck out their chairs. A wheelchair can very quickly become a very big part of a person’s life. So why not invest in some cool wheelchair accessories? Maybe there is an additional function that you need or maybe you just want to amp up your style. Either way, it’s time to jazz up your ride.

We won’t get too into the custom upholstery or billet wheels because these are major upgrades that are definitely going to cost you. We’ll look at some more affordable accessories that will still keep your wheelchair light (those billet wheels might look cool but they are heavy!).

Grade Aids

This is a practical one. Grade aids attach to the wheel locks on your chair to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards. Say you’re climbing up a hill – every time you take your hands off of the handrims to reposition and continue moving, your chair will try to roll backwards. Grade aids will prevent this.


These are essentially bright yellow tips that act as targets for your brakes, making them easier to find.

Care E On

This is a great one for grandkids or shopaholics. The Care E On is a ride-along platform that attaches to the wheelchair frame in the back, holding up to 300 pounds. Give your grandson a ride or tote around your shopping… or both! The Tow-Mo is another option for pulling large loads. This wheelchair-drawn wagon is easy to attach and detach, and store for a busy day of shopping.

Cushion Covers and Hubcaps

Perhaps the easiest way to showcase your style is through cushion covers and hubcaps. Choose your favorite color, pattern, or a cool image to deck out your chair. These things are also easy to change if you want to refresh your look.


Casters are a common one. If you are looking for improved functionality, consider frog leg casters on your front wheels to improve steering and give you a smoother ride. For a bit of fun, choose light-up casters, and watch your wheels light up with each turn.

Wheelchair Slippers

Don’t want to track dirt from your wheels into your home? Cover your wheels with the cozy-sounding wheelchair slippers, and save a lot of time on cleaning. These are also another way to add a bit of color to your chair.

Hands-Free Umbrella Holder

It’s exactly what it sounds like. An umbrella holder attaches to your chair to support an umbrella when you need to be out in the rain and have use of your hands.

wUnder Glow Wheelchair Lights

Another dual purpose accessory: style and safety. The kit includes two lights that mount to the underside of your chair to light dark spaces and make you visible to others. The clips are 360-degree rotatable so that the light can be pointed in any direction.