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Walker Tips and Resources

Optional attachments—Most manufacturers offer optional attachments such as bags, trays, cup holders, etc. for their walkers. These are convenient and can enhance your walking experience. If you have a folding walker, be sure that the attachment will not get in the way of the folding mechanism. This can cause the walker to fold while you are using it. Attachments supplied by the manufacturer for specific models are normally built with the folding mechanism in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions About Walkers

Why do people put tennis balls on their walkers?

Some people believe that tennis balls help the walker glide easier and keep the legs from damaging the hardwood or catching on the carpet, but this practice is not recommended. The tennis balls are unsafe because they can make the walker unstable. Walker skis or walker glides are relatively inexpensive and can replace the need for tennis balls. Made from hard plastic, they tend to last longer and provide a smooth, quiet glide over most surfaces.

Is there funding available for walkers?

Funding programs for walkers are available in many states and provinces across the U.S. and Canada. In the U.S., Medicare part B covers walkers when it’s medically necessary and prescribed by a doctor. Community and other non-profit organizations may offer financial assistance as well. Speak to your local dealer for help with funding questions and to see if you qualify. They are familiar with all the local funding options available to you.