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Walker Assembly and Service

Things to consider before you buy a walking aid

There is some assembly required for rigid (non-folding) walkers. Tools will be required; normally nuts and bolts will need to be fastened to hold the walker together. In most cases, folding walkers come pre-assembled; simply unfold into the open and locked position to use. Follow the instructions included with either walker carefully before using.

The height of the legs will have to be adjusted, levelled and locked into place before you use it for the first time. If you purchased the walker at a home medical supply store or another specialty store, the staff there can make these adjustments for you. If special grips are required, they can affix these to the walker as well.

Maintenance and service—Regularly inspect your walker for wear and tear. Check the wear on grips, rubber tips and wheels. The grips should be tight and not move around. Bring your walker to an expert if anything looks worn or broken as soon as possible. For folding walkers, make sure the folding mechanism is working properly.

Cleaning—Clean the walker with soap and walker. Wait until it is dry before using.