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Types of Walkers

Standard Walkers vs. 2-Wheel Walkers

Standard walkers
provide the most stability and support. The frame of most walkers is made from 1″ aluminum tubing which is both light weight and sturdy. They have rubber tips at the end of all four legs. To use the walker, step between the handles and hold on to the grips. Next, lift the walker and place it in front of you, placing your weight on the walker. Now you can take a step using the walker for support. You may find that the lift and step motion interrupts your natural gait. Drivemedical Deluxe Folding Walker Two Button With 5 Wheels | Silver Cross | Types of WalkersStandard walkers are best used in the home and for short distances. Having to lift the walker with every step may get tiring.

Two-wheel walkers. The frame of a two-wheel walker is the same as the standard walker except for the two casters on the front legs. Situate yourself between the handles. Hold on to the grips and push the walker forward. Using the walking for support and balance, take a step inside the walker with one foot and then the other. There is no lift and step motion so you maintain a more natural gait.