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Rollator Assembly and Service

Rollator Maintenance, Service and Cleaning

Rollators are usually fairly simple to assemble. Most rollators are foldable so you will simply have to unfold the frame. Handlebars, backrest and storage (basket or tote bag) will usually have to be installed on the rollator before it can be used. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before assembling. Be sure to adjust the height of the handles so your elbows are at a 15-degree angle when your hands are on the grips with relaxed arms and shoulders.

Maintenance and service—Regularly inspect the brakes and folding mechanism for wear and damage. Test both to make sure they are in good working order. Falls and accidents can occur if the brakes or folding mechanisms are not working properly. Ensure that the grips are tight on the rollator and that they do not move around. If grips are loose, you could hurt your wrists or fall. All the wheels should be able to move freely and the front wheels should be able to swivel without issue. If any damage is found in any of the parts, contact your manufacturer’s local authorized dealer immediately for service.

Cleaning—Clean your rollator with soap and water once a week to remove dirt and grime. Dry the rollator immediately if it gets wet from rain, snow, or other situations. Consult your owner’s manual for recommended cleaning instructions.