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How to Choose a Rollator

5 Tips on Choosing a Rollator

Humancare Nexus Rollator | Silver Cross

  1. Where will you primarily be using the rollator? If you are mainly using the rollator indoors, choose a rollator with smaller wheels. Measure the doorways in your home to make sure that the rollator will fit through them. If the door is hinged, you may lose an additional 2″ from the doorway. Make sure you choose a rollator that can be maneuvered in the hallways and into rooms. For use outdoors, choose a rollator with wheels that are 8″ in diameter or bigger. Larger wheels handle rough terrain better.
  2. Three wheels or four wheels? 3-wheel rollators are easier to maneuver but are not as stable as 4-wheel rollators.
  3. Fit of the rollator. Finding a rollator that fits your height and weight is important for your health and comfort. Before you purchase a rollator, measure for the handle height that you require:
    1. Stand up straight with your arms hanging naturally at your sides.
    2. Have a friend measure from the floor to the crease of your inner wrist.
      Similar to a standard walker, your elbows should be at a 15-degree angle when holding onto the grips of the rollator. Check the listed weight capacity of the rollator to make sure that it can properly support your weight. For rollators with a seat, measure the height and width of the seat before you buy to make sure you can sit comfortably. Your hands must also be able to comfortably hold on to the grips and easily engage the brakes. An experienced local dealer will be able to properly fit you for a walker, while considering all your needs.
  4. How much support do you need from the rollator? Four-wheel rollators provide more stability than three-wheel rollators. If you need more support walking long distances or need to take short breaks on your walks, a four-wheel rollator may be the right choice for you.
  5. Portability and storage. How often will you be traveling in a car and bringing your rollator with you? If you travel a lot, a rollator that folds will make it easier to transport. Three-wheel rollators tend to be lighter and fold up into a smaller size. In small homes or apartments, a foldable rollator may be easier to store when it’s not in use.