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Power Wheelchair Assembly and Service

Assembly, Maintenance, Service and Cleaning for Power Chairs

Assembly—Assembly for power wheelchairs tends to be relatively simple, usually coming in two or three parts. The heaviest part is usually the base. The seat in some models are  around 40 lb. to 50 lb. and may be difficult for some people to lift, so help may be needed. The heaviest part of travel/portable power wheelchairs are typically 10 lb. to 15 lb. lighter than their full-size counterparts and significantly lighter than heavy duty power chairs. Full-size and heavy-duty power wheelchairs would likely require a wheelchair accessible van to travel long distances. Most power wheelchair suppliers have assembly service and can deliver right to your home.

Maintenance—Electrical components can erode when they come in contact with liquids (rain, juice, coffee, etc.) so it is important to clean up accidents and spills immediately. Inspections will identify corroded electrical components, cracks and wear on wheels, and other issues that may affect the safe operation of the power wheelchair. Always read your owner’s manual before operating your power wheelchair for important information about maintenance and the warranty.

Service—The power wheelchair should be serviced regularly. Inspections conducted during service will indicate if any components vital to the safe operation of the chair needs to be replaced. Refer to the owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s suggested frequency of service. Many power wheelchair retailers provide service packages that meet the manufacturer’s warranty requirements.

Cleaning—Periodically wipe down the seat and frame with a dry or slightly damp cloth to remove dirt and grime. Liquids can corrode the electrical components so be sure to clean up spills as they happen.