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Mobility Scooter Types

Portable, 3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Pride Jazzy 600 | Mobility Scooter Types | Silver Cross

Travel/portable mobility scooters are compact, foldable or easy to disassemble. The seats are smaller and have less padding than full-sized scooters.

Three-wheel mobility scooters are easier to maneuver than four-wheel scooters. They have a tighter turning radius, making them ideal for indoor use—in a home or in a shopping mall. Slow down when making turns to avoid tipping.

Four-wheel mobility scooters are more stable than three-wheel scooters, especially when traveling up hills or ramps. They are more suitable for travel outdoors because they maneuver well over rough terrain and have a larger turning radius. Suspension systems (standard on most full sized mobility scooters) and large, pneumatic wheels will help make the ride over rough terrain even smoother.