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Frequently asked questions about residential elevators

How much does a home elevator cost?

A home elevator costs between $20,000 and $50,000 including the installation. Entry level elevators have two stops and basic interior finishes. More expensive home elevators have luxury finishes and more stops. Adding things like glass walls and doors may raise the price by another $50,000.

How long does it take to install a home elevator?

Infinity Home Elevator Hoistway Savaria | Silver Cross

A home elevator requires at least 5 square feet for a hoist-way.

The actual elevator installation time will likely be a week. But that time does not include the building of the hoist-way and on-site finishing time for things like flooring.

How much space does a residential elevator need?

Allow at least 25 square feet for a hoist-way. You will also need to allow for space above the top landing (overhead) and below the bottom landing (pit).

How safe is a home elevator?

Installing a reputable manufacturer’s elevator using a licensed local elevator installer ensures the best level of safety. There are very specific rules and code requirements for installation that should be followed. Home elevators need to be operated according to the owner’s manual.

What is the largest size of home elevator?

A home elevator by building code, can be a maximum of 15 square feet inside the elevator cab.

What type of maintenance is required for a residential elevator?

Each manufacturer specifies maintenance requirements or schedules. Just like a car, you will need to service your elevator according to the schedule in order to uphold the warranty and avoid larger, more costly repairs.

Who are the top manufacturers of home elevators in the U.S. and Canada?

Inclinator, Savaria (Concord) and Waupaca are all well known, established names in the business.

What is the best type of elevator drive system?

All systems have pros and cons. Gearless and hydraulic drive systems are usually the quietest and smoothest running, but geared traction drives are easier to install and can be less expensive to install as well.

What is a through-the-floor elevator?

A through-the-floor elevator is a specialty home elevator that can travel with two stops. Rather than being installed into a shaft-way/hoist-way, it travels through a cutout in the floor, on a tower which is securely mounted to the wall. The cutout features a cover that rides on the top of the elevator and goes back into place on the floor when the elevator is at the bottom so the floor hole is covered.