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Compare Dumbwaiters

Dumbwaiters have cars that travel within hoist-ways carrying various items from one floor to another. The comparison chart below showcases five popular dumbwaiters that offer different features according to your needs and configuration of your home.

Top 5 Dumbwaiters Comparison Chart

 Dumbwaiter Cable Waiter Waupaca | Silver CrossLight Duty Dumbwaiter Matot | Silver CrossDumbwaiter Ascent Dw100 Hamar | Silver CrossButler 2000 Lite | Silver-CrossHomewaiter Dumbwaiter Inclinator | Silver Cross
ModelCable Waiter Series 007Light DutyAscent DW100Butler 2000 - LiteHomewaiter
Weight capacity100 lb - 200 lb100 lb - 200 lb100 lb - 200 lb200 lb120 lb
Travelup to 50 ftup to 50 ftup to 32 ftup to 50 ftup to 35 ft
# of stopsup to 6unlimitedup to 4up to 7up to 4
Nominal speed30 fpm50 fpm24 fpm for 100 lb 20 fpm for 150 lb & 200 lbN/A28 fpm
Standard car doorroll topbi-partingbi-partingbi-part, roll-up or vinyl vertical rising available but not included as standardcollapsible gate
Standard size (W x D x H)20" x 20" x 30"20" x 20" x 30"20" x 20" x 30"24" x 24" x 24"up to 24" x 24" x 24"
Interior Finishpowder coated steel, stainless steel optionalstainless steel or primed finishesivory powder coat finish, stainless steel optionalbirch ply with steel reinforcements, stainless steel optionalpainted steel
Min. overhead required18"18"18"36"4"
Warranty3 year - limited parts1 year - limited2 year - parts
5 year - drive train
1 year - all parts2 year - limited parts
Notableremovable and adjustable metal shelf also available4 standard car sizes, custom car sizes at no extra costfast, easy installation with “plug 'n play” wiringcorner dumbwaiters also available, can adjust the frame to accommodate 4 side access **only available in US5 different cab gate finishes and 9 call station colors to choose from