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Ceiling Lift Installation and Service

Ceiling Lift Assembly and Maintenance Requirements


Patient lifts require assembly, which is generally not too difficult. A qualified dealer will most likely offer to set up your lift so that it is ready to use.

Portable track lifts also require assembly. The dealer should set up the lift and show you how to assemble and disassemble the lift if you plan to move the it in the future.

Ceiling track lifts must be installed by trained or certified dealers who understand how to assess your home for the integrity of the ceiling to carry the weight required. Installed tracks require architectural drawings and construction planning. Silver Cross can connect you with pre-qualified ceiling lift installers in your area.


Since lifts are mechanical devices, they may break down from time to time. Top brands include manual emergency lowering devices in case the lift stops working while in use. Since most lifts are battery powered, it is important to follow the owner’s guide on correct charging procedures.

Battery life depends on:

  • Type of batteries in the unit
  • Charging history
  • Number of transfers/lifts done over the life of the unit

Visual inspections should be conducted to make sure that the lifting tape attachment is not frayed or worn. The owner’s manual will usually include a schedule for regular maintenance and a qualified dealer will be able to service the lift as needed. Most manufacturers have a network of authorized dealers who are trained to install and perform services. This is especially important if you have a breakdown within the warranty period.