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Rear Entry Minivans

Rear Entry Minivan Conversions

Sienna Rear Entry Minivan (wheelchair van) Savaria | Silver Cross

Rear entry wheelchair van

A rear entry minivan (wheelchair van) conversion features a ramp through the back of the van. The ramp unfolds to provide enough length to make the ramp easier to climb at an angle that is not too steep. Inside the van, the lowered floor area will accommodate the wheelchair user with a securement system that harnesses the wheelchair to the vehicle. The wheelchair user is also secured to the wheelchair with a special seatbelt system.

The lower floor area will vary in length depending on the model, but it will be lowered into the front row. Therefore, if you wish to be the front seat passenger or driver in a rear entry van, you would need to be able to transfer in the front seat. Rear entry vans are often the most affordable option as there is less structural change to the original van (less time and materials to create the conversion). In a rear entry van, there may be options available including different seating configurations and a power folding rear ramp. There are models considered to be long floor rear entry vans that accommodate two wheelchair positions.